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I am talking to my soul “Dedicated to C. D. L. and B. J. T.” (A Psalm of Antoinette) Every time I am talking to you is as if I am talking with me soul, gentleness streams forth and peace and the goodness of the Lord comforts me as I go. Every time I speak with you wisdom flows like rivers from my heart, every time I think of you peace surrounds me dear sister. I thank the Lord for sending me to you, so I may share the riches that He gave us, he gave you much yet you do not know in full how rich the Seed He planted in you. Don’t worry all things will be just the way the Lord so wishes them to be, you have given all you are and it is He, who comes in earthen vessels, so He may indwell them and make them as He is The Christ in us the hope of glory, the Son of God triumphant coming in the flesh, destroying all that which is of the past, making all things new, so you may say, the Lord has come in me and I am free from pain, and I am free from shame I am not condemned, and I am free from bitterness and unforgiveness. The Lord has done it all in you, the Lord has brought you to Himself as He did translate you from the powers of the darkness, the carnal mind which knows no rest until it is engulfed in fire coming from the heavens of God’s Love, as He has given you the right to sit with Him on the throne of God the Father and He has made you one with Him in Truth and Love for you are his begotten child. Truth comes so everything that which is from beneath may die and go to dust, the yoke the Lord places upon you is easy as the songs you sing within your heart to Him the God of gods who came to indwell you. The burdens that you carry are the very Light of God which does destroy the darkness with it’s power, your eyes can see the vision of the Lord so clear, because the tears that you used to cry He wiped away and you will never die, because He came to make you His forever. No one can snatch you out of His hand, no one can take you away from Your Father for fire goes before Him to destroy His enemies, O daughter of the King of kings who rules with great and awesome power and you are His redeemed. I sing a song of Love and peace encamps you, O sister of my Love, we walk as One with God forever as we are resting in the presence of the Lord of lords. Think about how many are the ones who are resting in His bosom, think about the countless souls who are still to come to be with Us, to be like Us, so God may be forever glorified as We rest in Him and live Eternal Life, and God may rejoice over us with singing and the songs He sings will echo throughout eternity of pure bliss and glory, the glory of the Lord who gave His Son the Prince of Peace Himself, the Son of Love Jesus Christ to die such painful death and raise Him from the dead for every soul He Loves beyond description, so they who do believe in Him may live the everlasting Life He did command in Him, the Holy Lamb of God, His Son. Every time I talk to you is like talking to my soul, for God has given you His wisdom. You think as me, and you agree as one with me for Christ has made us one in God forever

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